Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Avi Answers

Just fyi, I just join, which is a questions/answer site. So you may be seeing updates from people asking me questions about a variety of topics.

Last night I got a customer emailing me because I recommended the wrong porn to him for his wife. In his message he said that I had told him that I hadn't seen it, but he still bought it. He then talked about mistrusting me now due to that. Honestly, I don't remember this customer, but I feel bad that I let him down. But in fairness to me, I had told him I hadn't seen it, and I also am not a wizard when it comes to magically recommending porn. Everyone has a different preference, and saying "I want Fem Domme porn" doesn't really specify things for me. Well, let's try again.

Honestly, the best Fem Domme porn I've seen is on

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