Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bitch of a Customer

Okay, so my day hasn't started off so well. Maybe I'm in a bad mood because my only job assignment for the day is to hand clean the plants, which takes forever and covers my in dirt and dead bugs.

Anyways, my only customer of the day so far was a bitch to deal with. So she walks in straight to the counter, asking about penis enhancement toys. After I lead her over to the sleeves she picks up a masturbation sleeve and asks if it would work. She gets a little pissy at me when I explain that I am not sure, since I have only sold it for male masturbation purposes. Anyways, she takes one. Next we head over to the dildos (apparently I am her personal shopper) where she examines one that she saw on our website. For this particular dildo we don't have a demo model out since we only have one in stock, and she starts whining that she wants to know what it feels like (even though a dildo made out of the same material was on display). She keeps bugging me until I open the package so she can feel it. After a while of comparing it and complaining about it's thickness, she says she would like to buy it. Then she informs me that she wants to buy it, but doesn't want one that has been open.

I take a breath. Not only did she already know that it was a closed package as well as our last one, she nagged me until I opened it for her. And now she demands a closed one. I explain to her that this was the first time it was opened, and that it is made out of non-porous high grade silicone that can be easily washed with soap and water. She starts complaining that she doesn't want to buy anything that has peoples dirty hands all over it. I then explain again that she is the only one who has touched it. She reluctantly decides to buy it.

When I ring her up, she asks me for a discount. I tell her that I can't just give her a random discount (more politely than that). She takes out her customer rewards card and says that she should get a discount. I scan her card, which tells me that her NEXT purchase after this one will have a $20 discount. When I tell her this, she gets pissy, saying that maybe she won't buy anything until she can get her discount. By this point I am annoyed. Fuck it, I gave her a small discount to stop her complaining. I think it was like $5. After she made her purchase and I had wrapped everything up for her, she tells me to take everything out and put it in an unmarked bag. Then after I put everything in the bag, she tells me to take everything out of the packages because she doesn't want her husband to see the packages. Then after I hand her all her toys, she smells them and say they smell funny. I explain to her that there are no harmful chemicals in them, and that she is smelling the silicone, which after cleaning with soap and water will be less strong.

She leaves and I go back to my cleaning

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