Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the day before X-mas

So today has actually been pretty calm. All week the shop has been buzzing with people, so it's a nice feeling that today isn't so crazy. Sales are still high though, which is always the important factor to slow days. It's good that it's slow, but it's great that the few sales that I have done are big ones.

So far the most popular item is porn. Specifically, female ejaculation porn. I have already sold half a dozen videos about female ejaculation, from instructional, to "Squirt Girls". And this is all to different customers, who all seem to want the same item.

Cock rings is the second most popular item of the day.

Lots of lube as well. You can tell that people are getting ready for warm nights at home. That, and they tell me that they are buying presents for their partners.

One couple bought over $400 worth of product. They left with huge smiles. I love sexually healthy couples.

Anyways, happy holidays to you. Keep warm, masturbate often.

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