Sunday, January 9, 2011

Customers of 1/9/11

-Two sorority girls giggle and shriek at our products. One picks up "The Cookie Sutra", a novelty kama sutra book featuring gingerbread people. She starts talking about how much she loves it because she "hates pictures of naked people and it's super cute, cause the other books are like ew."

I was in a college class six months ago with one of them. Even though she asks me questions straight to my face, she does not recognize me. Or if she does, she doesn't acknowledge it.

-Middle age couple comes in and is looking for a good flavored lube. Many of the ones they like have sugar in them, which is a big no no when you are using lube vaginally. Sugar in the vagina will cause yeast infections. She places tester lubes on her hand and has him lick it off. She tells me she is from New York, and he is from California, so most of the year she is away from her favorite sex toy.

-Older man with a strong accent comes in to ask for directions. He wanders around the store awkwardly.

-Two men in a row come in and by bottles of lube.

-Woman buys a $200 vibrator and gets store credit. She gets a free vibrator.

-Young couple buys lots of lube and vibrators.

-Old man keeps asking me the price of porn even though I keep telling him that the prices are on the back. He leaves saying he'll bring more money next time since thy were higher than he thought.

Okay, today is not as exiting as one would think. Pretty much I have been cleaning all day. As it gets closer to Valentines Day the customers will start to get more interesting.

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