Sunday, January 23, 2011

Customers of 1/23/11

Right when I opened the doors, people came in.

My first customer of the day was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. She went straight towards the vibrators, then the lingerie, and then the lubricant. Before I even asked she whipped out her customer rewards card. Someone had a game plan.

Lesbian couple spent a good half hour trying and retrying on harnesses. Eventually I stopped putting the displays back on the mannequins because they kept wanting to try them on again and again .

Middle aged man comes in for help for shopping for his girlfriend. He tells me they've been together for only a month, and he wants to get her something, but not scare her away. Apparently she came here for one of our lap dancing classes and really enjoyed it, and he wants to buy her an outfit. I suggest to buy her a gift certificate so they can go shopping together. It's pretty hot watching your partner try on different sexy outfits. He ends up getting her a gift certificate and a massage candle.

Woman is yelling at someone outside the store. "Fuck you! I'm going inside." She enters with a smile and then looks around. She leaves shortly afterwards.

Guy comes in and stares at the masturbation sleeves for a while.

Young girl with ice cream cone asks if she can tape up a flyer

Young guy shuffles through our tights collection. He ends up buying over $200 worth of product, including vibrators, tights, cock rings, and lube. He says that they are gifts for his girlfriend for Halloween and Christmas. Wonder if he knows Valentines Day is around the corner?

Couple comes in looking for female Viagra. They buy erotic stimulation pills.

Couple comes in to look at rechargeable toys. The man notices that one of them is called "Ina". He tells me that was the name of his daughter that just passed away. Needless to say, it was a little awkward.

Two older guys come in and quickly walk around the store. They leave just as soon as they came

Guy with no shirt on comes in, peers over his sunglasses at me, and leaves.

Older couple ask me about cock rings and lube. They buy a we-vibe. The husband starts mentioning the time so that his wife will stop buying things.

Guy buys two spots for our Feminine Dominance class this Thursday, taught by pro-dom Rain DeGrey.

A group of giggly blondes ask me questions about products and then talk loudly about how they can get them cheaper on the Internet. Assholes.

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