Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just saying hello

Sometimes during one of my shifts someone I know will drop by to say hi.

Since the sex shop that I work at is located downtown it is never a surprise to see a familiar face now and again. A friend will pop their head in to say hello, or come into the store to have a quick conversation. I like it, even if it may distract me from my work and annoy my boss. There are two situations that drive me crazy though when it comes to my friends visiting me at my work.

The first is when someone I know comes in and doesn't say hello. Usually this happens when they are on a shopping spree with their significant other. They will walk in and maybe nod hello, but other than that barely acknowledge my existence. Sometimes this happens even if they are my themselves. I understand the need for privacy, sex shopping is a personal experience, but it's rude to pretend that I am not standing a few feet away. Keep in mind that when someone I know does come in, I treat them with a common courtesy. If the are in fact shopping, I let them do it in private. But it drives me nuts when someone I know personally comes in and barely says a peep.

The other situation is when they over stay their visit. Sometimes I have friends who come in to visit me for lunch, or to chat for a little while. And then there are the friends who stay for hours. One time I had a friend stay my entire shift, just standing next to the counter. Needless to say, after hour three it started getting awkward.

Did I just do a post about people visiting me too much? Wow.

Is there anything you've ever wanted to know about working in a sex shop? Please ask!

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