Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red Light District trip 1

Yesterday a co-student and I decided to go through a walk towards the Oriental street in Amsterdam. After having some beers and springrolls, we continued to walk through the narrow streets, which were loaded with tourists. There we found the infamous Red Light District, which is apparently a ten minute walk from my dorms.

Being from San Francisco and a frequent visitor of adult stores, there is little that can shock me when it comes to public sexuality. The block is separated by a canal, where swans quietly float by. There are sex shops, live girl shows, and various places to buy "a date". There are windows lining the street where women and sometimes trannies pose and wave at potential customers. Some people walk by awkwardly or stared, I waved friendly at them. Remember, in Amsterdam this is a legit profession, and these women have no problem waving back and are not shy about what they so for a living.

My favorite was a woman in a window standing half naked eating a bag of potato chips casually. I waved and she proudly toasted a chip towards me.

I was only there briefly, checked out a few sex shops. More info later.

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