Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sex at a Science Museum?

Today I went to the Nemo, which is Amsterdam's biggest science museum.

It's pretty epic, about five floors of different exhibits that cover facts about space, chemistry, physics, electricity, genetics, aaaaannnnnd.....SEX!

Oh yes, they teach sex in an all ages science museum. In fact, there is an entire floor called the "Teen Center" which teaches about sexuality, sex, and gender. Not just teens attend the exhibit, but families with their children as well. Through videos, hands on education centers, and computer quizzes about personality and sexual identity.

Sign that advertises the exhibit

There is also an area called "Let's Talk About Sex", where people ages 10 and up can come in and learn more about sex in-depth.

It also resembles the red light district, with booths on the inside that you can insert coins into and learn facts and test your sex knowledge.
In one of the booths there is a sex knowledge quiz that I took, to se that exactly they would cover. Wow, was I amazed. Not only did they ask questions about the frequency of female masturbation, but they also asked about if there is a connection between porn-watchers and child molesters (answer is no) and other pretty interesting sex questions about hymans and virginity.

I scored 100%. Yeaaaaahhhhh.

On the wall is a bunch of facts about sex myths

In another booth they give you information about erogenous zones

They also have a display of different sex positions using wooden figures

Overall I was pretty impressed with the amount of information that is covered in this exhibit, and how open and free everything is.

Oh, and here is a picture from a test that used my pulse to rate my reaction to different images. They showed bugs, and babies, and kittens, and people eating spiders, and violence. Here is the picture that got my pulse rating the most:

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  1. That's really fascinating... Did you happen to notice the attitudes of younger people (children 10+, I guess) toward sex and toward the exhibit? Obviously, in the US it would be some kind of riot, but I'd guess that it's very different over there.