Friday, February 10, 2012

Finish this story!

Today a woman walked in with her dog running around without a leash. As I opened my mouth to tell her that we don't allow dogs in, she cut me off by saying "I don't care! Here, I don't want this!" and shoves a Hitachi magic wand that she took out of her purse in my hands and then stormed out.

I stood there a little confused, as well as insulted that a stranger just yelled at me, as well as forced me to hold her used sex toy (which I threw away).

So here's the fun part. Let's make up a story for why she did this! My co-worker likes to think that she got too addicted to her Hitachi so she had to get rid of it quickly.

Let me know what you think!


Denali Winters says: "Maybe it massaged her TOO well and it was a pandora's box-type dimension-bending experience."
Tsareia says: "She probably tried to actually use it as a massaging tool instead of its actual purpose."
Cathy says: "Her lover made her choose between them, or the Hitachi. She chose them, and needed to dispose of it quickly lest she be tempted."

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