Monday, February 20, 2012

Living with Sex Workers

About six months ago I moved in with a cute, kinky, tiny porn performer named Alexxa Bound (!/AlexxaBound).

People always assume that since I am a sex shop worker, and she is in porn, that we must have a very sexy household. Also, that we must either fuck all the time, or go on wild sex filled adventures. I have gotten emails requesting that we put cameras in our apartment for a sexy reality show.

Currently we are sitting on the couch in our jammies with the cats, watching House. I guess someone out there has a fetish for that.

A fun aspect of living with someone whose day job is in the sex industry is that we can be more casual about cleaning toys and leaving things out. I don't find it weird when she hangs her enema bag from our shower...

And she is totally fine with me cleaning my toys in the dishwasher.

I can also be blunt about my work, and don't feel awkward when I overshare. In turn, she feels comfortable doing cam shows in our apartment, as well as bringing other porn members over.

For example, the last time she shot with Denali Winter...

they ended up doing different acrobatic sex positions in our living room for my amusement.

Sexy, no?

I also find it amusing and come home to find that she leaves random equipment around the place. For example, I was plugging in my laptop in the corner near our couch, and Hey! There's a Hitachi Magic Wand!

Or when I reach for the remote and Whoops! Bottle of lube!

I guess my point is,

damn we're sexy

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