Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A promise to my friends

To my friends who come into the sex shop:

I promise that I will never out you
Whether you know that I work here, or you find out once you walk in, I will never tell other people about you being here. Hell, if you want, we don't ever have to talk about it. What you do is your business. Though I do write a blog, I will never name you, nor say anything that will identify you.

Your shopping is safe with me
Whatever you buy, whatever you look at, I will not tell. Your sexual preference is your business, and I will not be reporting it to any of our friends or to your partner(s). If I find out you like anal, great, good for you. I'm not going to go running to facebook, twitter, whatever and giggle about what you like to put in your body. Your purchase is, well, yours.

If you want, I will stay away
Not everyone wants their friend who works at sex shops to be around them when they are at said shop. I have no problem giving you space just as much as I have no problem helping you pick something out. You don't even have to say it, I usually can tell when people want their space in the store.

If you are my friend, I will probably give you a discount
It's a perk of having a friend as a sex shop worker. I will happily give you one.

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