Sunday, February 6, 2011

Customers of 2/6/11

It's such a warm day, it makes me a little resentful of having to work indoors. Oh well.

First customer of the day was a Willie Nelson look-alike that bought an expensive flogger. When I asked if he wanted join our customer rewards system, he said he didn't own a computer.

Young Asian girl asks for a small simple vibrator. She is new to the store and is surprised when I tell her we've been here for three years. I think I repeat this info about once a day.

Frequent customer comes in to use store credit that he has. He buys a white vibrator and is very polite.

Another frequent customer buys a green clit bullet. He has a thick accent and has a hard thing understanding what I am saying.

Women comes in to pick up a prize basket that her friend won at the Bridal Fair. She is a little embarrassed by the size of the package. Basket of vibrators anyone?

Girl I knew from college comes in with her friend. The friend is buying her first vibrator, a C-Spot from Good Vibrations. She also buys plus sized lingerie. I am really glad that we sell clothes that are not one size fits all.

Guy comes in looking for Gun Oil lubricant. When I explain we don't carry it since it has so much questionable chemicals in it, he ends up buying Probe lube, which is made from grape seed extract.

He comes back in to buy bondage tape

Polite frequent customer man comes back in. The white vibrator he bought does not work. I give him a new one. I wonder how many vibrators I will return after Valentines Day.

Group of six or so young college girls come in and buy matching pink and purple vibrators.

Couple comes in. The woman approaches me by saying "You HAVE to help us." When I start showing her toys, she doesn't listen to my instructions of how to turn them on and starts mashing all the buttons. She then asks if dildos are just for the gays. Her husband just stood there watching. I think she was uncomfortable, so the way she spoke to me was a little rude. But I let it slide, they ended up buying a Mona by Lelo and some lubricant. Sex makes people awkward, which in turn makes me them forget their manners.

Hippy looking male with long braids buys a pink double ended dildo and a Liberator sex pillow in purple.

I need to take a nap

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