Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Weekend...And here we go!

Valentines Day.

Every sex shops favorite holiday. The winter holidays are pretty good for us, but let me tell you, when it comes to people buying sex toys, Valentines Day is the dominating holiday. Last night (Friday) was pretty crazy. I was filling online orders, talking to people on the phone, helping customers, dealing with returns. Oh and all of our recent product orders came in. ALL of them. So I had to enter, catalogue, and stock thousands of items. And did I mention that the store was full?

The store has an add in the local newspaper that if you come in and spend over $25 you get a free finger vibrator. This has added to the V-Day rush, since everyone wants their free toy.

-First customer is a gentleman looking fora vibrator for his wife. He tells me she doesn't own one, but he'd like to get her a small clit vibe that has lots of versatility. He buys the Siri, a rechargeable clit vibe with adjusting speeds and 8 different pulsations. He also has the coupon for a free finger vibe.

-A couple complain to me about our DVD prices. Porn is expensive, especially high quality ones. They end up buying Pirates, the highest franchised porn in history. Sword fighting, CGI skeletons, hard core fucking. It's pretty popular.

They also had the coupon for the free finger vibrator

-Single older guy buys lube and a masturbation sleeve

-Young female college student, who attended one of my sex toy workshops that week, comes in and buys flavored lube and a simple vibrator.

-Blondie friend of the owner comes in looking for a double stimulating vibrator. She explains that she keeps buying the same one (not from us) and it always breaks. I introduce her to the Rosebud, our most popular double stimulating vibrator. It is made out of smooth silicone and comes with a one year warranty.

-My friend buys a candy penis lollipop

-I fill out an online order to Hawaii for two power bullets. Since I get to pick what colors to send, I choose blue and purple.

-Young woman comes in and goes straight towards our fetish section. She buys the new Sensua Suede Whip by Lelo, which is a company that usually makes rechargeable vibrators.

-Guy buys a massage stone and some lubricant. He asks me about oil but doesn't buy any.

-Another guy buys a massage candle in Fig Leaf and some lube.

-College girl from earlier comes back claiming that the lube she bought was not the same lube I presented and wants to return the opened bottle. It was the same exact lube. She stares at me blankly. I explain again I can't take it back since she had opened and used it. She walks away.

-Two middle aged women come in together. One by a book about finding love and some lube. The other buys a Leo dildo in black.

-Girl comes to the counter with a vibrator. Her boyfriend tells her to turn around and out it back. They are arguing because he wants to decide what to get her. They leave without getting anything. I feel like of bad for her, she really wanted that vibrator.

-Asian man who doesn't speak very good English asks me questions about the Fleshlight. I try my best to answer them. He buys one anyways.

-Guy comes in and buys a silicone Seduction vibrator in pink and a bottle of lube.

So far I am impressed with the variety of items being bought. Yes, it is mainly men buying vibrators for their partners, but there is no top seller currently.

-Guy buys organic lube and Crown brand condoms. He almost buys a vibrator for his wife for Valentines Day, but when I explain to him that he can't return it if she doesn't like it, he doesn't. The whole "not returning a vibrator because you don't like it" concept doesn't really connect with some people.

-Tattoo covered guy buys two packs of Lifestyle Skyn condoms, a Tri-O cock ring, vanilla scented lubricant, and a Bendable Flexims vibrator. I think he had a butterfly tattooed on his cheek. I tried not to stare. I am really happy with the amount of condoms and lubricants that are being sold. We have already run out of two brands of lube and I have had to re-stock the condoms multiple times. Safer sex for the win! FYI the Lifestyle Skyn condoms are non-latex, which is great for someone with latex allergies.

-Older man buys our stores massage oil and some Maui oil. He needs a napkin because he was rubbing the oil all over himself. I was a little uncomfortable with him.

-Woman buys sixty dollars worth of Yes lubricant. This lubricant is the only FDA certified organic lube on the market, which is why it is so popular. It comes in water and oil based, and comes in individual applicators if desired. Today we have already sold out of the water based version.

-Woman walks swiftly into the store. She asks if we are all out of the mens WOW stimulation pills. Since they are not on the shelf, obviously no. I politely explain that the shipment has been taking longer than we expected. She rudely exclaims "I wish I had known that, or I wouldn't have come down here!" *Sigh* I can't please everyone today.

-Woman buys a black and a red pair of crotchless butterfly panties. Hot.

-Woman comes in looking for massage candles (hey, this may become our top V-Day seller if it continues to sell!) She doesn't have enough cash and runs to the ATM. Apparently her children are hanging out outside eating ice cream. She comes back and buys two, Fig Leaf and Black Currant.

-More lube sales

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