Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rainy Weekend

This weekend the weather has been freakin' nuts at the shop! Yesterday at opening there was snow/hail (or as my friends call it, "snail") and then at closing we had a blackout. Luckily the intense weather has not deterred anyone from coming in, which can be a problem with crazy rainstorms.

This morning the weather seems to have calmed down.

-Right away two young ladies come in and shop around a little bit. They buy a seven speed g-spot vibrator, and our newest dildo, The Platinum. This dildo has bee selling like hotcakes, probably because it's simple and super affordable ($39.95).

-Big guy with curly hair and sunglasses asks me if we sell condoms. He buys lifestyles snugger fit condoms.

-Regular "visitor" (not really a customer since she never buys anything) comes in, circles the store, and then leaves. She does this every few days.

-Couple comes in to ask me if the library is open. They continue to leave and come back every few minutes, and them settle in our book corner reading to each other. I am calculating how long until I need to ask them to leave. Unlike a library, we can't have people sitting, reading books all day, since we intend to sell them. Also, people tend to dirty the books up and fold the pages, which make them harder to sell.

After around 40 minutes they get up and look at cock rings.

They leave.

-Young couple asks me about our most popular vibrators. The guy is very responsive to my advice and is obviously very into getting something. The girl is more reserved, and is hesitant to touch things when I display them. They leave without buying anything.

-Guy in bright yellow jacket walks in and out

-Two middle aged women come in, talking about things they have bought here before. They buy two tester packets of lube. They come back a half hour later and buy some leather cuffs.

-Man buys some Yes lubricant, the only FDA certified "organic" lubricant.

-Some friends drop by, but leave since the store is busy and I am working by myself. Gotta keep an eye on everyone!

-The couple from earlier (with the shy girl) comes back in and picks up a We-Vibe in red.

-A couple from Sacramento buys a tri-o cock ring, and a clit pump. They are very friendly and adorable to talk to.

-Apparently there is a big surfing convention in our town this weekend, hence all the tourists. The convention building is across the street. I like meeting all the tourists and hearing about the sex shops from their areas.

-Hot goth/punk chick asks me about pricing on leather cuffs. She is adorable and I think I fall in love for a minute.

-Jackass dude has a lady friend on speaker phone and is turning on toys and dropping them. He takes pictures of them and asks loud, obnoxious questions about vibrators. He asks me for what the best cheap one is, telling me he "ain't ever bought one before" (terrible grammar is a major turn off for me). He keeps calling his lady friend and making loud comments, like "Ugh! The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men!" (A book we carry) I can't wait for him to leave, and as he is walking out he keeps picking everything up and making annoying comments. Bleh.

-Woman comes in asking about "that vibrator that looks like a Pokemon". I knew that she was talking about the Form 2 by Jimmy Jane. She seemed very exited about it, especially since it is so quiet, yet so powerful. She gets one in black, and tells me if she had more money, she'd buy some for her friends.

Okay, that's it for today!

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