Saturday, March 19, 2011

My birthday sex toys

Recently I had a birthday. (yay!)

Ever since I turned 19, I have always been gifted with sex toys on my birthday, for some strange, random, really unknown reason. Whenever my birthday rolls around my friends always try to find some new sex toy that I don't own. Strange, right? Super unexpected, not like I work in the industry or anything. Sarcasm aside, every year I get at least one unique toy. It's kind of fun.

For my 19th birthday my college dorm hall-mate bought me my first vibrator. Actually, he more "presented" it to me than "gave" it to me. We were sitting with our friends in the college dining hall and he starts singing and chanting and pulls out this very strange looking worm-creature thing and lowers it onto my plate. Honestly, I thought it was a child's toy.

Turns out it was a giant vibrator called "I Touch My Wormie". I aptly named it "Wormie" and only brought him out when showing friends the weird present that I got for my birthday. It was years later that I actually discovered how to actually use it, and learnt that it was meant for external play, like a Hitachi, verses internal play, which is what I originally thought it was meant for.

My 20th birthday I was gifted a pink jelly vibrator, which honestly I used less than three times. This was apparently to my good fortune, as a few months later it began to show signs of the material rotting. Note to sex toy users, know your materials! Jelly toys can rot, which is not genital friendly!

On my 21st birthday my then boyfriend gifted me with some homemade toys and outfits, as well as a book on how to become a dominant woman. I still have some of the things, but most, like the relationship, have fallen apart.

Skipping forward a few years, my birthday this year has pretty much blown the rest of them out of the water. With help from my coworker, my friends presented me with the ultimate sex toy, the Njoy 11. If you have never heard of the Njoy line before, you are missing out. The Njoys ( are stainless steel dildos and anal toys that are designed to work with the bodies sexual responses and feel really good for multiple uses. They are really beautiful in design and feel, and the metal warms up to your body. There are eight different models of Njoy toys, and the Njoy 11 is by far the largest one.

Oh yes, I own this thing. This toy is huge. So huge, I have referenced it before as the toy that I would beat a robber with if I ever needed a weapon. At about 3lbs, 2inches wide, and 11inches long, this thing will probably the most epic sex toy I will ever be gifted.

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