Friday, March 19, 2010

Anal Exploration

The ass. We all have one.

As sexpert Tristan Taormino once said, the ass is the "universal hole". It is non gendered, not judgemental, and open to all.

Anal play is still the one area that I find people are the most uncomfortable with. Maybe it's because we're raised in a society where things we do in the bathroom is "private" and therefore should never be talked about, especially in a sexual manner. The ass is forbidden, it is only meant for defecation, and once that happens, we must not talk about it. Geez, sometimes I swear we should sell a copy of "Everyone Poops" right next to the anal sex position guides. But anal play isn't about going #2 (well for some people it may be). The anus is another erogenous zone. A taboo one at that, but one still. We get stimulation and pleasure out of this friendly little hole, whether somethings coming out of or going in it.

At our store we have a pretty decent anal play section. We carry everything from anal beads, vibrating plugs, prostate stimulators to enema kits. Customers who wander our store eventually end up here. They either spend a long amount of time staring, or blush, lower their eyes, and move into something less embarrassing, like lingerie. But then there are my favorite customers, the bold ass lovers, who talk and ask questions. They explore this erogenous zone, and their partners as well.

A few months ago a couple (guy and girl) came in a few months ago, shyly asking about anal play on him. They had been in before, holding hands while whispering ideas and secrets to each other. At first they bought some black gloves for finger stimulation. They next visit they bought the silk dildo by tantus, a small smooth dildo perfect for beginner anal play. A few days later they bought a simple beginners harness. Today they were back, and added the Leo dildo by Vixen to their collection. This progression from beginner to intermediate always makes me so happy. They explored and found new ways to give each other pleasure. The girl was bold and proud, grabbing her new toy and proudly presenting it to me at the register.

So to those ass adventurers out there, keep exploring the deep beyond!
Just make sure to use lube.

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