Saturday, March 6, 2010

Erotic Art

My store recently decided to display local art in cooperation with our towns downtown community art board. We displayed a series of erotic photography from local artist Sasha Neese ( Her series "Dreams" is an assortment of nude self portraits. We had a reception last night, serving cheese and chocolate to the local art patrons.

It was very amusing seeing the art folks who had never heard of our buisness come in. The initial shock of realizing we were a smut store knocked them off guard a bit. Not saying that all art patrons are snotty, but I'm pretty sure they expected to walk into a gallery or some other kind of high retail store. Well, we are high quality, but not in the way one would expect.

Some people looked around very quickly, talked to our artist, and then rushed away into the night. Others dared to look around, their eyes darting from photos of naked Ms. Neese to our devious toys.

Overall it was a successful night and a very interesting addition to our stores reputation.

Oh, and most interesting thing I heard that night? A woman uses veggitable oil as a lubricant. People, if it is not meant to go on your genitals, don't use it.!

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