Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ms. Avi

I have two jobs.

The first you already know about. I sell sex toys, teach adult content classes, give out sexual advice. I've been doing it for years, ever since I became legal. Actually, I was promoting sexual information by the age of 15, educating myself as much as possible and volunteering for my high schools guidance counselor who also happened to be the sex educator as well. At 16 I distributed condoms to my classroom and cause quite the commotion for passing them around freely. But then again, I also started my public school first Gay Straight Alliance that year, so I was used to being under the scrutiny of others for my openness about sexuality. I never dreamed that someone would actually hire me to teach about sex. For me it was something that I enjoyed and felt comfortable teaching about. Sex education was my hobby. In college I volunteered as a safe sex information distributor, which eventually lead me into having the career I have today. I have be blessed with the opportunity and chance to make myself a professional (and paid) sex educator.

My second job is also in education. I am a substitute teacher at elementary and middle schools. I teach general math, English, and writing, as well as some sciences. I guess it's not too surprising that I have two teaching jobs since I love educating. What I find interesting is how the two areas can never mix. I once spoke to a customer about how I had taught 4th grade that morning and she asked me how I am able to teach children in the morning, and then adults at night. Don't I have to switch from on teaching mode to another? Honestly, yes. I am not the same teacher in the morning that I am at night. If I were the same, I'd probably be fired or arrested.

I think about what the parents of the students I am teaching would think if they found out who was teaching their kids. Would they find it as amusing as I do, or would they think of me as a pervert? There's always the possibility that a customer that I work with one afternoon has had a child in my classroom that morning.

I do get a little enjoyment that I am a professional "sub".

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