Friday, March 12, 2010

Gravity Vagina

Yesterday I had one of the most interesting customers. And by interesting I do not mean crazy or sketchy. She has a prolapsed vagina, or simply put, her vagina falls out. I had heard of this condition before from a gynecology class I took years ago. So luckily for me, I wasn't totally caught off guard. It's the weakening of the muscles or ligaments in the vagina, which causes the uterus to fall, which over time weakens the vaginal walls. There are many different stages, the most extreme being the vagina being pushed out past the vaginal opening.

To help strengthen her vaginal muscles we picked out some kegal exercises balls, which help with vaginal tightening and muscle strength.

I also helped her pick out a dildo that she could wear inside of her all day to keep her vagina from falling out while she was at work. She decided on a small bendable one with a base so that her underwear could hold it in place.

This condition is not as uncommon as we may think. It is most common in women in their 40s, during menopause or after childbirth. But many women will not get it checked out due to embarrassment. Yes, at first it does sound a little funny to say that your vagina is falling out, but it is a serious condition.

Love your vagina's ladies, check in with yourself and never be afraid if something seems "off"

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