Thursday, March 25, 2010

And then sometimes I get caught off guard

Not going to lie, sometimes I have crushes on customers. Especially those who come in to buy something special for their partner. The ones who care and take note and really want to please their special someone. It's such a turn on to find someone who will go into a sex shop and spend the time really studying what will get their partner off. It's even more a turn on when said individual is attractive.

Dear dark handsome man with the beautiful accent,
You made me stutter and fumble my words when helping you find a vibrator for your special lady. I actually was flushed from listening to your confusion over toys, watching you examine each toy as if it were the tender parts of your partner. Five more minutes of you asking me questions and I would have demoed anything you'd like. I still have butterflies in my stomach from our brief interaction. And it was just orgasmic that you took note of what you thought she would like and went to tell her about it. Please come back soon,
and bring her too. ; )

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